Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I know I haven’t been here for a little while (sorry!) but I’m really hoping I can get back into this blogging biz! 

Thought I’d start back by blogging something I did today, no time like the present and all that! 

Myself and a couple of pals, who I don’t see half as much as I’d like, decided to meet and do a 5k run put on by Decathlon round Southampton common. 

I appreciate that driving an hour down the road to run a distance as short as 5k isn’t your typical Sunday, but as the title of this post suggests, that’s what makes life interesting! 

We picked Southampton as it was halfway(ish) between the three of us, as two were coming from Bournemouth direction and one from Brighton. That, and the race was free to enter! 

So we arrived at the common, all layered up like onions as it was absolutely freezing!! We were shuffling about, star-jumping, jogging on the spot trying to keep warm, then we dropped our bags off and headed over to the start line! 

We decided to all keep together and have a little chat as we were running as there was much to cover. I have to say I struggled with the running and talking so I mainly listened! 

It was nice to hear what everyone has to say for themselves as we’re all doing very different things with our lives. I have been in the same job for four an a half years, P is on an accountancy grad scheme, and C is doing a masters. Even though we’re all doing different things it’s so nice to find people that you have some mutual interests but not have everything in common with. 

It’s also nice not to have your traditional Sunday lunch out at a pub (which is what we were supposed to do, but these things happen)! As a lot of social media outlets would have to believe, Sunday’s are for brunching or out for a Sunday Carvery, lazy walks in the countryside or recovering from a heavy Saturday night! And if that’s your cup of tea then fine and brilliant, but me and my pals like to do things a little differently! 

After the 5k which we smashed in 28 minutes, probably down to the cold, we went and grabbed a cheeky but well deserved Nandos! We had to be quick as P’s mum was our chauffeur and the cutie bought us some alcoholic chocolates from Hotel Chocolat to say well done! Mine are Passionfruit Margharita, and I’m very much looking forward to cracking them open! 

Hope your Sunday was as fun as mine! 

L x


London Haul

Hi there! Me again, with another impromptu post, this time about my trip to London.  South West trains are currently doing a cheap tickets to London deal (£16 return, bargain!) so usually when they run this I pop up to the capital with mum and maybe my sister, for varying degrees of shopping and sightseeing. Today we firmly went to tackle Oxford Street and this is what I purchased:


I have needed some more sandals for work a while now but hadn’t found any that I was particularly struck by. With Oxford Street having a vast array of shops I felt pretty confident that I’d find something up my street (pun intended). New Look came up trumps with this leather pair for the bargain price of *drumroll*…£12.99!! Now I can confidently say that I will be going back to purchase another pair (or two) of sandals because for this price you really can’t go wrong. Good work New Look.  

Court shoes

I have a confession. I have previously owned a pair of these M&S nude patent court shoes, and they got trashed after one too many weddings. So I had to go and buy a replacement pair. Now I thought that these were old stock and had been replaced by (in my opinion) a less nice version. As in the new version didn’t suit my skin tone so well. So I was very surprised to find these sat on the shelves next to the new updated versions! I hunted down my size, tried them on (you can never be too sure with shoes) and then didn’t let them out of my sight! 

Another confession, when I purchased these the first time round, I actually bought them in three (yes you read that right) other colours too – black patent for work in the winter with tights, snake print, and red to put with jeans on a night out for a little colour pop. I saw today that they have some black suede effect ones I could be talked into. 


Whenever we go to London it has become standard practice for us to take a detour to the nearest Hummingbird Bakery, as the cakes are heavenly! We try and purchase some different things each time (pretty sure we aren’t that far off having samples the whole menu to be honest!) so then we can try a little bit of each other’s as the portions are huge! If you make the biggest square you can with your thumb and index finger touching, you’ll get an idea of how big their brownies are, and they are about an inch and a half deep! Not one for if you’re on a diet that’s for sure! 

This time I bought a chocolate and peanut butter whoopie pie (these are a firm favourite of mine so I tend to purchase one each time we go now!) and I was intrigued by their Kentucky Bourbon cake too so had to try a slice of that. 

There are no pictures for this, as if I get them out the fridge the likelihood is that I will devour them both! 


Now, I have DEFINITLEY saved the best purchase of the day until last. Brace yourselves ladies and gents as I am about to tell you that I am now the proud owner of a Harry Potter heat changing Mauraders Map mug!! Eek!!

I was in HMV with mum and came across a mug stand with other merchandise on display, and saw a coffee mug with “don’t let the muggles get you down” written on it (I actually sent a photo to one of my friends as I though she’d really appreciate it). 

There were a couple of other HP mugs about too, Gryffindor and Slytherin specific. Mum had gone off to look for something separate and I was having a nose round the display when BAM! I spotted it. I immediately came over all Gollum-like and picked it up (I didn’t quite start muttering “my precious” under my breath, but it was close). I knew that I absolutely had to have it, and wouldn’t put it down. Mum was disappointingly under enthused by my find when she returned. 

I’ve just realised I’ve written all that without actually explaining why I was so excited. Basically when the mug is cold, it’s black with some footsteps and “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” on it. When you make a cup of tea however, then the magic really starts to happen! The heat causes the black to disappear and the Mauraders Map becomes visible! As you can see below the change reverses once you start drinking and the mug becomes cold again. The thing that really tickles me is that at the bottom of the mug is written “Mischief Managed” which any self respecting Potter-head knows is the phrase that returns the map to a blank bit of parchment! So once you’ve drunk your tea (by which time you can read the writing on the bottom and the whole mug is cold again) the map has disappeared! 

This I do have some photos of:  



So that was my London trip today, I do have to put a side note in this to mourn the loss of my favourite pair of sunglasses. They were only a freebie pair that came with Cosmo a couple of years ago but I lived in them over the last two summers!

The arm came off one side and the hinge had completely disintegrated so there’s no chance of repairing them *sob*. I have also lost the screw on the floor or River Island on Oxford Street but that is by the by. 

Anyway, hope you all have a good week, until next time! 

L x

Why Friends Are Important

This wasn’t a planned post, and is a little different from my usual ‘out and about’ posts, but I feel it’s an important topic. For if I didn’t have these guys, my life would be a lot harder and more boring (and I wouldn’t have any content for this blog!). I want to talk about friendships.

It was yesterday when I was helping a couple of my closest friends move that it really hit me, I’m so happy to have these guys in my life, even though I’ve only really known them two or three years, I feel like we have become really tight. 

We’ve had loads of good times and drunken nights (without mentioning the infamous Christmas party) and I’ve woken up hungover on their sofa or floor many a time! Hello house warming party of last year – shout out to the bottle of hobgoblin that finished us off that night!

As we were sat on a rooftop bar drinking cocktails and having a bite to eat (which sounds really glam but in reality it’s right by a train station so it is really noisy) I realised that you get different types of friends, all the same but all so different – you get your Facebook friends, the ones you wouldn’t necessarily speak to on the street, just give that ‘sup nod; 

Friends you’ve known the longest, your parents knew their parents and who you grew up with throughout the school years, you keep in touch with them, but maybe not as much as you should; 

You get your school friends who (when you leave) you find some of which are more friends out of circumstance than actually having anything much in common with them; you get your school friends that (when you leave) you realise that yeah, I’d be friends with you if we’d have met another way;

And you get your work friends, who you’d happily go out for something to eat and socialise with outside of office hours; 

Then you get the other work friends, who you bond with over going for lunch, then arranging a dinner and drinks, then before you know it, you’re organising a Harry Potter themed quiz and frantically googling how to crochet a pair of Dobby ears (because obviously it’s fancy dress), and you’re falling about laughing over something no one else would find funny! 

Each of these groups are equally as important as you’re growing up and going through various stages of your life as they offer you different things, and if you’re lucky you find girls that you can hang on to and you can know you they’ll be there through the hard times and the good! And I think I’ve found mine.

 L x

A Day at the Races

Hi guys, I hope you haven’t forgotten me!! I know it’s been 59 days (and counting, eek!) since my last post, so yeah, soz about that! 

ANYWAY, back to it… We decided to go to Ascot races for B’s birthday cuz we fancy bitchez! And it’s always nice to have a reason to buy a new dress! FYI, mine wasn’t new, but I had only worn it once to a wedding a year ago and thought it needed another outing. I was designated driver for our road trip, so I thought it best to be prepared for every eventuality with plasters in my handbag, an emergency kit in the car of hand sanitiser, headache pills, safety pins, tissues, wetwipes, more plasters, suncream which I obviously wore and definitely didn’t get burnt, (ahem…) chairs for a lovely alfresco picnic when we arrived. I bought plates and cups and napkins, basically everything but the kitchen sink apart from an umbrella – you’ll see what I mean later!

The journey was supposed to be about 1 hour 40, but at five to ten minutes away from our destination (according to the trusty satnav) we hit horrendous traffic! I guess it was to be expected, but the sights whilst we were queueing for the car park were… Certainly something! There was a limo in front of us a few cars ahead, and it stopped a total of three times – first was to empty a champagne bottle (not of champagne but it’ll become obvious in a sec). The second time we saw a lady climb out and squat behind the open car door (we were behind so couldn’t see her THANK GOD) and the third time, the boys thought they’d have a piece of the action too – five or six of them got out the limo and lined up against the side of the road and took a slash for all to see. 

Classy, huh.

We had to navigate our way into a field which was the car park and I thought we’d be able to settle down and whip the chairs out, crack a bottle of wine open and dine (with our pre packed picnic) in the fresh air, but no. The heavens well and truly opened on us! We had driven through some showers on the way up, but this was something else! So needless to say the chairs didn’t get an outing (side note: they are in fact still in my boot) and we sat and drank wine in my car!  
We eventually made it to a shuttle bus to the grandstand – we had to wait for a break in the rain because clever clogs here, being Little Miss Prepared, had forgotten an umbrella. Doh! So I changed my shoes and we squelched across the field to the bus, and made it to the stands. 

First race was at 2:30pm, after the Queen had done a little tour of the course, and we’d got stopped by the Royal escort, we finally made it in to explore the area! We found one of the betting stands nearest the course and went and investigated. 

We all put some money on a horse for H as she wasn’t able to make it, and we all opted for Cougar Mountain! 

It didn’t win us anything but it was the name that entertained us. 

After collecting our (not so) many winnings from the first race we headed to the bar, and quickly decided this was not going to be a messy affair! We’d have had to take out a small loan to get plastered – pint of cider £5, half pint of Pimms £8.50! And if I remember rightly, a bottle of champers was £1275036 (probably).

As the races were about 30-40 minutes apart, we got ourselves into a little routine of collecting winnings, placing bets for the next race then having a wander and getting a spot on the fence. I think we all had a winner at one point or another too so that was an added bonus! I really enjoyed being stood so close to the racecourse as when the horses thundered past they made a monumental racket!  
We got some food (onion rings and chips for me, portions were way more generous than expected though!) and found a bench to sit on. The sun finally made an appearance too after a cloudy start! 

We decided we wanted to get a jump on traffic leaving the grounds so did last minute loo stops and placed bets for the final race, then stood near the exit so if no one was fortunate enough to win we could make a quick dash once the race was over. 

Made it back to the car after what felt like a trek, especially as we realised we took the long way down and round rather than just down some steps! Fired up the satnav, and got on the drive home. Now, what the satnav didn’t know was that Ascot was basically whittled down to a giant one way system for the races, so it kept trying to take us the wrong way.

We eventually made it home by going via Windsor, and getting on to the M4, got confused at a sign for Maidenhead (which we all thought was in Kent – think we got muddled with Maidstone!) and through the scenic side of Basingstoke! Eventually got on to th M3 to come home and dropped the gals off at the takeaway for their dinner.

When I arrived home I realised that I had caught the sun horrendously on my one exposed shoulder (so much for Little Miss Prepared and my suncream). 

So the things I learned from our jaunt up to the racecourse: always wear suncream, always take an umbrella (this is England, you can never be to sure weather wise!), Maidstone = in Kent, Maidenhead = not it Kent and finally, if you have to pee whilst travelling, make sure you’ve got an empty bottle of Bolli to hand, dahling! 

Until next time – hope it won’t be so long though! 

L x  


Sailing the high seas!

I tried to upload this yesterday, but the Wi-Fi was so slow and wouldn’t work so I nearly broke down into tears because I was that tired!

I’m sat here typing this munching away on a kingsize box of Maltesers (srsly though, why are they SO more-ish?!) trying to decide if I need another cup of coffee, or to go to sleep immediately. This weekend has been exhausting, but in the best way possible – sunshine, a trip on a boat, lots of drinks, good food, dancing and excellent company! H is getting married in about six weeks, so we were out celebrating her hen do on a boat trip and then out for an evening of drinking and dancing in Bournemouth.

Saturday started with a lunch out at the New Orchard café (I had been here before and the food was such generous portions for the price!) and as I knew it was going to be a long session, I thought I should go for something filling and with good stomach lining ability – so I went for a full English. We were told that it was going to be cold on the boat once we go out into open waters and to dress appropriately – I opted for jeans and a low back top.

We got to the Quay and embarked on the boat, made ourselves comfortable, were introduced to each other and then went through a safety briefing in case it was to hit the fan when we were at sea! We prepared to set off and got ourselves some drinks for the trip, we had certainly covered everything alcohol-wise (no spirits were allowed on the boats though).


On the way out of the harbour as it was such a beautiful day we could see Baiter park, Whitecliff, all the way along to Evening Hill and the Sandbanks peninsula! We refilled our drinks and appreciated the views… I lead such a hard life sometimes!


We went past Old Harry rocks, moored up around Studland and then got the canapes out ready for some relaxing in the sunshine. There were sun loungers on the front of the boat and some at the back, they were hella comfy – no shoes allowed on them though as they were cream! The sun was shining and it was absolutely glorious, I said to several people on several occasions that I could get used to this very easily and that I didn’t want to go back to the mainland – I wanted to stay on the boat forever! Some people were even brave enough to take a swim when we were moored up – my father always told me there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity… not sure wide of the line they fell!


As we were moored up, we took the opportunity to get the Skipper to take a group photo of the hen and the chicks together!


We cleared away the empty bottles and the food, refilled out drinks for one final time, and prepared to set sale back to the mainland *sad face*

As we were coming back into the harbour we took to shouting “our boat is better than your boat!” to anyone in hearing distance, which was probably surprisingly few as we had the tunes blasting pretty loud!

Being as sensible as always, I forgot that I was pasty and forgot to apply suncream to my exposed skin so now I’m sporting some amusing burn lines that are starting to ache – remember kids ALWAYS put on suncream even if you don’t think you’ll need it!

I had an absolutely cracking time on the boat, I think everyone who was invited did so if anyone wants a gander here is a link to the company used:

It was mentioned that we should have a hen-iversary each year on the boat, to which I say…





Isle of Wight adventure

Back in March me and a couple of close friends from work decided to take a trip across the Solent to the Isle of Wight for an extended weekend.  B had organised a caravan for us to stay in a Park resort holiday park ( which took me right back as I hadn’t stayed in a caravan since aged about 12!

We set off bright and early on the Friday morning, and caught the car ferry across to Yarmouth with travel sustenance in hand.


We arrived at Yarmouth and promptly parked up and explored the area! We walked round a couple of shops that were in the streets nearby the ferry port, but it was very quiet as it was off season and really chilly! We wandered down Yarmouth Pier as it was such a bright day.

We had a packed itinerary thanks to B, so we quickly got back into the car and drove to our next destination – The Needles!

When we got there, we had to park at the very top of a huge hill, and walk all the way down to get to the beach, but whilst we were at the top we took a few photos as the view was rather good!


We wandered down the hill, and had a nosey round the arcades they had there. They had a cracking gift shop, with lots of Needles and Isle of Wight branded things, and lots of gifts with names on! L and I decided to fill a little pot with the different coloured sands, there was a photo captured and the concentration on our faces is intense! Eventually we decided to walk down to the shoreline, and along the pebbled beach. B was even brave enough to get in the water!

Climbing up to the carpark felt like we were scaling a mountain – my Fitbit tracked that we climbed 18 floors to get back to the car! Back on the road to do the longest journey of the weekend – Needles to Ventnor.

The trip to Ventnor was very scenic – we drove down Military road and could see down the cliffs to the beach that ran parallel with us (not me though, I was driving, and it made me feel a bit jelly-legged)!

We parked up in Ventnor and took a stroll round. We found a big map of the Isle of Wight on the floor outside of a café and we immediately jumped on it and ran across it tracing our plans for the weekend! We stopped and got some refreshments at a café, and then decided it was about time to get to the caravan park.

When we got to he caravan park, we checked in and found our lodgings for the next couple of night and headed out to the restaurant to get some dinner. We arrived at the restaurant at 7:10pm, only to be told that they stopped serving food at 7pm! So we went back to the caravan and made ourselves toast for dinner (good job we had bought some breakfast supplies with us or we’d have been awfully hungry), and popped Rock Of Ages on the TV.

Day two saw us up early, and on the road to the Isle of Wight Zoo! There was a choice of two zoo’s, but this one won on a majority vote.


We walked round and saw several talks on various animals they had there – including a jaguar called Tequila who had been in several Hollywood movies, but sadly for B no capybaras!

Saturday afternoon saw us jump back in the car and hit the next stop of our comprehensive tour of the island – the seaside town of Ryde.

I got very excited when we got to Ryde, as it was the first place I had got consistent 3G signal since we arrived!

We found a carpark and pulled in, and then went to explore! We found Ryde high street to be the most civilisation we had encountered in the couple of days we had been there with a few recognisable shops.

We also decided to walk the length of Ryde pier (second longest in the country fact fans) and at the end me and L decided to run at the speed sensor to see if we could set it off (there is a limit of 10mph on the pier) and managed it! So it was a successful afternoon in my eyes!


An uneventful evening, as we got fed, took part in the onsite quiz and then went to bed. (The itinerary the B drew up clearly stated that 9pm was sleep time lights out!) Oh, and we drank pink fizz from mugs as there were no glasses available to us!


Our final day on the island we checked out the caravan park and trekked over to Osborne House. We walked round there and took some lovely photos, total #decorgoals.


We left Osborne house and made the return trip to Yarmouth with a stop off at an alpaca farm for B en route, ready to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

The satnav decided to take us a strange way home, so it felt much longer than it probably was, but I was very glad to get home and have a nice relaxing bath!!

I loved the Isle of Wight, but I think that we covered everything so comprehensively I’m not sure I will need to return soon!

L x

Lunch at the Cosy Club

I have just noticed that it has been 14 days since I last posted on here! Oops.

On Saturday I decided to organise a little brunch with my blogger pal Amelia ( and we settled upon the Cosy Club in Bournemouth.

This was my first time at a Cosy Club, and I will probably be making a return trip in the not too distant future!


I opted for poached eggs (natch!) on a sourdough muffin, and Amelia went for sweet potato fries and patatas bravas (basically potato on potato on bread!). Eggs were lovely and runny in the middle – just as poached eggs should be! The hollandaise sauce drizzled over the top certainly gave it a bit of a kick too. I also ordered a cooler lemonade which was a lot sharper than I was expecting it to be, not sure how much lemon juice they put in there!



After we had finished eating, we decided to take some outfit shots against the funky wallpaper in the foyer. This was a painful process, people kept walking past interrupting us!


I wore a top form H&M which is ancient, jeans from River Island, my scruffy Converses and accessorised with a black bag from Accessorize and a my bargain £30 New Look leather jacket.


Thoroughly enjoyed my bank holiday Saturday, what did you guys get up to?

L x